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Parents, coaches and players if you have news about your tennis player, captain, or team you want to "brag about", please tell us about it. It could be a recent tournament result, current or new ranking, college scholarships, award(s) won, etc. Send information and pictures (if you want) and lets spread the good news!


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National Champs Below!   Great Job!

USTA 2017 65 and Over 7.0 Men’s National Champions.  Team members include Allan Armitage, Charlie Smith, Robert Baird, Danny Parkinson, HD Cannington (Captain), Ronnie Boggs (Co-captain), Lamar Moss, Les Conway And Bill Hoyt. Click on Local Tennis News tab above to read more about the team.

Team Cannington  65+  3.5 National Champions


This COTA team won regional and just got back from nationals. Great job! Team Najak 3.0  65+ below finished 3 rd in USA

2017 State Champions 65+  3.5  COTA/Cannington    (Photo above)


Hd Cannington, Lewis C Smith, Leslie A Conway, Ronnie Boggs, Danny Parkinson, Robert A. Baird, L N Moss, William d Hoyt, and Allan Armitage

These Local COTA junior Teams recently won 2016 State!   The 12 and under team just won Southerns! Congratulations!

10 and under Beck Academy (JMCC)
12 and under Beck Academy (JMCC)

Team COTA Rojek just won 65+ 3.5 Women's State   Congratulation!


Kathy Rojek, Brenda Lord, Ronnie Piller, Valerie Ann Beasley, Lyn Bennett, Eileen W. Sapera, Mary Ann Hodgson, Susan Williams, Ellen Johnson, Mary Stephens, Dianne Bahnsen      

Team COTA Cannington just won 55+ 3.5 Men's State   Congratulation!

HD Cannington, L N Moss, Leslie A Conway, Ronnie Boggs, Stevan A. Davis, Tim Grantham, Dale Powell, Lewis C. Smith, William d Hoyt, Danny Parkinson         

Team COTA Hutto just won 55+ 4.0 Men's State Congratulation! (Below)

Tal Hutto, Robert Marshburn, Gary Boyette, Tom Z Lanier, Gregory H. Robinson , William E. Lee, Nick Nickerson, Bill G. Rice, William S. Rockwell

Summer 2017 COTA League Winners     Congratulations!


18+ Mixed Doubles                                    40+ Mixed Doubles


7.0  COTA/ Brian Borders                           7.0    OVP/Johnson

8.0  ATC/Turner                                         8.0    JMCC Nickerson   

9.0  COTA/ Kristina Turner


Spring 2017 COTA League



18+ Business Women                             Weekday                                                                                        

3.0  COTA/Jeanne Martin                 3.0  COTA/Marsha Rogers              

3.5   Bishop Park/Ambrose              3.5  ATC/Cindy Fetch

4.0   JMCC/Westmoreland-Bowen     4.0  COTA/Tonya Bell


40+ Business Women                             Weekday

                                                    3.0  JMCC/Boleyn-Martin/NetProphets

3.5  ATC/Diane Teague/Ardvarks       3.5  COTA/Sonja Pridgen


55+ Women

3.0  COTA/Susan Boleyn                 3.5  COTA/Diane Bahnsen 


65+ Women

3.0  COTA/Zeba Najak    3.5


18+ Men                                                  40+ Men

3.5  JMCC/Hollis/Path to the Ship            3.5  COTA/Gary Gardner                        

4.0   COTA/John Turner                                  4.0  COTA/Nick Nickerson                      


Winter 2016/2017 COTA League Winners     Congratulations!


18+ Mixed Doubles                             40+ Mixed Doubles


7.0  OVP/B.Borders                               7.0  OVP/Miller

8.0  ATC/Turner                                    8.0  JMCC/Nickerson


Results from the COTA fall leagues below. 


Fall 2016/2017 COTA League Winners       Congratulations!


18+ Business Women                                   Weekday                                                                                        

3.0    ATC/Hale/Slammers                       2.5  OVP/Hulland

3.5    OVP/HIMSL                                   3.0  OVP/Hulland/Nicholson

4.0    JMCC/McCall-Fall                            3.5  JMCC/Sailors

4.5    JMCC Turner                                 4.0  JMCC/Westmoreland Bell


40+ Business Women                                    Weekday

                                                          3.0  OVP/McKee/Backhanded Compliments

3.5     JMCC/HIMSL                               3.5  ATC Pridgen/Baird

                                                          4.0  JMCC/Westmoreland-Muilenburg

55+ Women

3.0    BP-Hale-Martin/Net Cougars            3.5  JMCC / Bahnsen

4.0    Jennings Mill/Streer/Jameson


18+ Men                                                         40+ Men

3.5  JMCC/Hollis/Hunker Down Again         3.5 Morgan County - Gardner          

4.0  ACC- Hutto/Nickerson  


Summer 2016 COTA League Winners     Congratulations!


18+ Mixed Doubles                           40+ Mixed Doubles

7.0  COTA/Cheryl Dean                         7.0  COTA/Sloan Gill

8.0  COTA/Kristina Turner                     8.0  JMCC/Nickerson



These Local COTA junior Teams recently won 2016 State!  

The 12 and under team just won Southerns! Congratulations!




TFL Oconee County Adult Championships were played Dec 10-11

Here are the winners in each division. Congratulations!


Women Doubles      6.0  White Winner: Sallie Hale/Jamie Jedlicka

                                    Blue Winner:   Jane Robertson/Jennifer Johnston

                                    Red Winner: Ann Stoneburner/Sharon Reid

                             6.5  Winner: Sallie Hale/Mary Rector

                             7.0  Red Winner: Terry Gattiger/Anna Martin

                             7.0  Blue Winner: Amy Johnson/Pam Miller                         

                             8.0  Winners: Emily Bones/Amy Roark


Men Doubles           7.0   Winner: Les Conway/Ronnie Boggs

                             7.5   Winner: Les Conway/Brian Buttrick

                             8.0   Winner: Ron Braxley/David Young


Winter 2015/2016 COTA League Winners       Congratulations!


18 + Mixed                              40 + Mixed


7.0  OVP/Dean Trailblazers         7.0    JMCC/Fender                            

8.0  ATC/J.Turner-McNair            8.0   ACC/Nick Nickerson

9.0  Morgan Co Williams


Fall 2015/2016 COTA League Winners       Congratulations!


18+ Business Women                                             Weekday


2.5  HCM/Story                                            2.5  Georgia Club/Peppers

3.0  BP/Jennings/Page-Slammers                   3.0  ACC/Dean

3.5  ATC/Blose/Break Point                            3.5  JMCC/Sailors

4.0  ATC/Borders-Jones                                 4.0  Morgan County-Ellard/Lancaster

4.5  JMCC/Butler/Oconee Unbreakables


40+ Business Women                                          Weekday


3.0   OVP/Southwood-Harris/Party@theNet    3.0  Morgan - Martin/Hale NetProphets

3.5   BP/HIMSL                                           3.5  ATC/Baird/Morris

4.0   OVP/Bowen                                         4.0  Morgan County – Thomas


55+ Women


3.0  BP/NAJAK/Classic Aces         3.5  ATC/Pickering 

4.0  JMCC Jameson/Streer


18+ Men                                                                 40+ Men


3.5  ATC/Hollis/Hunker Down           3.5   ATC/Hollis/Over the Hill                          

4.0  ATC/Blose-Turner                     4.0   ATC/Turner

4.5  Morgan Co./Dennard


Winners of the Oconee County Adult Championships Dec. 11-13

Hosted by Tennis For Life (TFL)      Congratulations!


6.0 Women’s Doubles RED Chinami Goodie / Petra Babbitt

6.0 Women’s Doubles WHITE Zeba Najak / Donna Martin

6.0 Women’s Doubles BLUE Sharon Reid / Ann Stoneburner

7.0 Women’s Doubles Denise Fulton / Judith Hoffman

8.0 Women’s Doubles Jacelyn McCall / Nina Sheffield


7.0 Mixed Doubles Anna Martin / Lloyd Martin

7.5 Mixed Doubles Pam Smith / Duane Smith


3.0 Men’s Singles Dempsey Daniel

3.5 Men’s Singles Russ Mills

4.0 Men’s Singles Andrew Gross

7.5 Men’s Doubles Kaleb Sosebb / Satt Shaikh


Team Nickerson 40+ Mixed Doubles 8.0 State Champions

COTA was well represented in the mixed doubles tournament in Augusta recently. One team won state and two teams made it to the finals. See pictures and team members below.


State Champs 18+ 9.0 Mixed Doubles Team COTA / Carrie Butler

Runner Ups 18+ 8.0 Mixed Doubles Team COTA / Kristina Turner

Runner Ups 40+ 7.0 Mixed Doubles Team COTA / Sloan Gill

Spring 2016 COTA League Winners       Congratulations!



18 + Business Women                         18+ Weekday Women                                            

3.0   COTA/Susan Boleyn                          2.5   OVP/Hulland    

3.5   COTA/Lyn Bennett                            3.0   COTA/Shelley Hulland

4.0    OVP/Jones/Muilenburg                      3.5   JMCC/Sailors    

                                                              4.0   COTA/Tonya Bell


40+ Business Women                           40+  Weekday Women


3.5   COTA/Sandy Himsl                           3.0  OVP - Wormley/Johnston

4.0   JMCC/Bowen                                    4.0  COTA/Christine Kozlosky


55+ Women


3.0  BP/Najak/Hale     3.5  ATC/Pickering/Rojek     4.0  JMCC/Ruth Streer


Men 18+ Spring                                     Men 40+ Spring


3.5  COTA/Ben Morris                                3.5  JMCC/Avants

4.0  ATC/J-Turner                                      4.0  COTA/Nick Nickerson

10 U State Champs JMCC (Beck)
12 U State Champs JMCC (Beck)
14 U State Runner Ups Tennis For Life

Monsignor Donovan’s Magill Bauerle won 6-1, 6-2 to win the GISA Class AA state individual singles championship. Ford Smith and Carl Terns won the Class AA doubles title with a 6-4, 6-2 win. 

Max defeated Luke in the finals of the 10U recently. Great job to both of you!

Oconee County Adult Championships Dec. 2014 Winners Below:

2014 Southern Combo State Championship




   Combo 40 & Over W 7.5 Finalist
Team Bowdler
Team Allen Combo 8.5 State Champs

Mike McDonald's A-6 ALTA team recently won city.

Summer 2014 ALTA A4 City Runner Ups

(Captains: Mike and Gina McDonald)


Members: Duane S., Pam S., Brian B., Brad G., Kellie B., Saat S., Kristen L., Joe A., Pam G., Mike M., Gina M.

(Not in Picture: Stacy F., James B., and Casey B.)

3-Different Tournaments, 3-Winners, 1-Tennis Program,1 Week-end

Coach Stacey Venker is so very proud to share and announce that on September 6&7 three of her junior boys competed in 3 different tournaments around the State of Georgia: and all 3 came home champions.  Pictured left: Sam Johnson- Winner of BS12 in Norcross, Jackson Kirby Consolation Draw Winner BS10 in Augusta and Ryan Forrester Winner of BS12 in Duluth.  All 3 juniors train with Tennis for Life at Herman C. Michael Park.

Summer 2014 Mixed Doubles Team Winners


7.0 ATC-Wesley Hunt

8.0 ATC-Kristina Turner

9.0 Morgan County-Brad Evans


Congratulations and Good luck at State!

Graduates of COTA sponsored Tennis 101 program recently returned from the 2.5 USTA Georgia State Championships finishing in 4th place.  Left: Jackie Brooks, Amy Quilter, Courtney Rue, Captain Coreen Walker, Shelly Hulland and Heather Kirby. Coached by Stacey Venker, Director of Tennis for Life at Herman C. Michael Park in Oconee County. (above)


Captain Kelli Powell led her COTA 2.5 Tennis Team to the USTA Georgia State Championships May 9-11. Team members include right: Emily Roach, Beth Saye, Carmen Wright, Wendi Milner, Natalie Thompson, Stacey Richardson, Kelli Powell and Tennis for Life Coach Genaro Angles. (below)


Teressa Davis’s USTA 3.0 Women’s Tennis Team competing in  the 40+ Division is heading to Mobile, Alabama in August. Team Davis received a wild card berth after placing second at the Georgia State Championships held in Columbus, Georgia May 30-June 1.   Team Davis will be competing against 7 other southern state champions.  Team Davis plays out of Herman C. Michael Park with Stacey Venker, as their coach.  Venker introduced this group to the sport of tennis in the Spring of 2011 with the free introductory program "TENNIS 101" sponsored by COTA (Clarke Oconee Tennis Association  It’s a great sport! shares Captain Davis.


Left: Rachel Boyett, Dolores Freeman, Jill Green, Kelly Roach, Captain Teressa Davis, Gail Smith, Cyndie Santamaria, Sherry Michaels, Amy Andrews. (Below)

Sam Johnson competing in the 12u Boys Singles and Henry Johnson competing in 16u Boys Singles  were both Tournament Champions at the Epic Family Life Center June 7 and 8 in Duluth, GA.  Sam upset the 4th seed in the quarter finals and won the tournament without dropping a set. Henry was the third seed and came from behind in both sets in the finals. “It was a great week-end for the Johnson Boys”, said Stacey Venker the Director of Tennis for Life.  Henry and Sam train with TFL program at Herman C. Michael Park.

TFL 12u Team, USTA GA Jr. Team Tennis State Champions, CONGRATULATIONS! L-R Team Parent Susan Beach, Kelly A, Ali P, Hollin H, Sammy H, Caroline B, Braden D, Owen L and Coach Genaro

Athens Christian School Athletic Director and Tennis Coach Van Beacham have told us senior Carson Fields has signed to play tennis with Georgia Southwestern University. Great job Carson!


North Oconee's Ray Donovan went 17-0 at number one singles this season and signed a tennis scholaship at Mars Hill University.


Monsignor Donovan's Scherer and Diaz win individual state titles

Monsignor Donovan was well represented Friday at the GISA Class AA state individual championships in Macon, winning two singles titles. Alex Diaz defeated his teammate Magill Bauerle for the singles championship, with a 6-1, 6-1 victory. Katie Scherer won her second consecutive state singles championship by defeating Valwood’s Maggie Scruggs 6-1, 6-4.


State, Region and Local Individual High School Awards


Region 8 AAA Player of the Year North Oconee’s Ray Donovan

Region 8 AAA Player of the Year Oconee County’s Katy Kane

Region 8 AAA Coach of the Year Oconee County’s Derek Hon

Athens Banner-Herald Girl's Tennis Player of the Year is Monsignor Donovan's Katie Scherer. Monsignor Donovan's Katie Scherer and Alex Diaz wins GISA AA individual state singles titles. Monsignor Donovan's Magill Bauerle was runner up.


All Region Team


Sofia Villalobos made the second singles all region tennis team for Region 8-AAAAA and Andrew "Remy" Buxton received honorable mention for the singles all region tennis team. We are so proud of these two individuals and they have truly been a tremendous asset to the Cedar Shoals Varsity Tennis Team. Clarke Central's Caroline Caldwell was first singles all region. Honorable Mention Doubles Isabel Crain / Amelia Delamater Clarke Central and Dragan Kapuran/Krystoff Bartos Clarke Central


Boys 8 AAA All Region Recipients
Boys Coach of the Year: Derek Hon (OCHS)

Boys Most Outstanding Player: Ray Donovan (NOHS)

#1 Singles:

1st team – Drew Horsely (OCHS)

2nd team – Jonah Chitwood (FCHS)

Honorable Mention – Kaleb Sosebee (EJHS)

#2 Singles:

1st team - Aashal Dave (NOHS) & Chandler Shields (OCHS) Votes were tied

Honorable Mention – Luke Fowler (FCHS)

#3 Singles:

1st team – Connor McCarthy (OCHS)

2nd team – Conner Meeks (HCHS)

#1 Doubles:

1st team –Zach Miner/ Dan Madden (OCHS)

2nd team – Toney/Hamby (NOHS)

#2 Doubles:

1st team – Henri Johnson/ Elijah Bullock (NOHS)

2nd team - Chase Lecroy &Nick Brown (HCHS)

Honorable Mention – Demarrye Sapp & Cage Millard (ECHS)

Girls 8 AAA All Region Recipients:
Girls' Coach of the Year: David Bennett (ECHS) & Derek Hon (OCHS) – Votes were tied
Girls' Most Outstanding Player: Katy Kane (OCHS)
#1 Singles:
1st team – Kayla Rivers (FCHS)
2nd team – Mary Cambell Cobb (NOHS)

Honorable Mention – Taylor Mullins (EJHS)

#2 Singles:
1st team – Caroline McElhannon (OCHS)
2nd team – Abby Bruning (NOHS) & Mckenzi Wilson (ECHS) Votes were tied

Honorable Mention – Sara Freemen (FCHS) & Jesse Fulcher (EJHS)
#3 Singles:
1st team – Kaylee Kirby (ECHS)
2nd team – Julia Hardell (OCHS)

Honorable Mention -- Gemma Kummerer (NOHS)
#1 Doubles:
1st team – Morris/Horsely (OCHS)
2nd team – Andrew/Dove (FCHS) & Dennis/Callaway (HCHS) Votes were tied

Honorable Mention -- Yang/ Crowe (NOHS)
#2 Doubles:
1st team – Bruning/Reid (NOHS)
2nd team – Brown/Brown (ECHS)

Honorable Mention -- Jones/Carlton (HCHS); Randall/Martin (FCHS)

Area 2A Private, 2014 All-Area Tennis Teams, as selected by the coaches.

Players of the Year: Danny Sullivan, Vani Crist


Singles First Team

Danny Sullivan – Athens Academy                           Adam Rocko – Pinecrest Academy

Rob Clements - Athens Academy                              Carson Fields – Athens Christian Lee Allen Martin – Lakeview Academy                    Bryce Coleman – Providence Christian Academy    

Second Team

Connor Thomas – Lakeview Academy                      Noah Offut – Providence Christian               

Josh Beck – Hebron Christian                                    Caleb Moss – Hebron ChristianNathan Iyer – Athens Academy                                                                                            

Doubles First Team

Athens Academy                    Hayden Lanzilotta                  Rolf Reynolds

Athens Academy                    Jordan Sennowitz                   Alex Boyette

Hebron Christian                     James Everson                         Nathan Blatnik


Singles First Team

Caroline Doherty – Athens Academy                        Sara Beth Crowe – Prince Avenue    

Alex Schlesener – Providence Christian Academy    Vani Crist – Providence Christian Academy

Darby Duval – Hebron Christian                                Claudia Szlek – Pinecrest Academy  

Second Team

Rhea Chatterjee – Athens Academy                          Grace Auman – Providence Christian Academy

Morgan Cowart – Athens Christian                            Cori Johnson – George Walton Academy

Madison McClung – Hebron Christian Academy     

Doubles First Team          

Athens Academy                    Kayla Cherry                           Kendall Santamaria

Athens Academy                    Conley Messer                        Grace Trimpe

Providence Christian               Carly Dubay                            Mary Ellen Brannon

Second Team

Hebron Christian                     Laura McLear                         Emily Cochran

Hebron Christian                     Abbey Stewart                        Katie Reynolds


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